Floor Cleaning


Residential Floor Cleaning Services on Oahu, Hawaii

Finished floors are oftentimes among the largest investments you’ll make, so why not allow us to take care of them for you? We provide a complete line of floor care protection, be it a brand-new flooring or maintaining an existing one.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning (Only Available With Finished Hardwood Floor)

Finished hardwood floors are easily ruined. Having your flooring wet can cause the wood to swell, buckle, or crack. Solutions with using ammonia or vinegar are too harsh and may dull the floor finish. Steam cleaners are likewise not advisable for hardwood, since the steam can in fact split the wood.


We use the low moisture cleaning method with pH balanced formula that effectively removes dirt buildup without harming the finish of your hardwood floors.


To be realistic, in case your hardwood floors are very old, full of stains, scratches or sun-discolored, our service is not going to transform your hardwood floorings to a completely new appearance. We advise that you discover the flooring professionals to sand and refinish your hardwood floorings. However, in case your house has a large area of hardwood floorings and you simply do not know how to properly clean them, how about you put a call through to us and see how we can assist you.


FRIENDLY REMINDER: We only service well-finished hardwood floors. Finished floorings are considered sealed and have been laid with a protective topcoat like polyurethane or varnish. Almost all newer homes have finished hardwood floors that could resist a little bit of wetness. However, in case your flooring is not a finished one, you will need to stay away from liquid-based cleansing agents completely, since even a tiny drop of water can leave behind a spot. Just how does one tell if their hardwood floors are finished or sealed? There is a quick way to check this. Put a drop of water on the ground. If the water beads up and not soak in and stain the floor, the flooring is finished. Nevertheless, if the bead of water sinks down into the ground, you might have an unfinished flooring. For those who have bare or unsealed hardwood floors, we’re not accountable for any damage that may be caused by moisture.


FRIENDLY REMINDER: Waxing or polishing hardwood floors isn’t recommended because it might cause streaking or make a haze. So, we won’t polish or wax your hardwood floorings. If we must wax or polish your hardwood floors, it must be with the permission of the homeowner, the flooring manufacturer’s instructions and the recommended products provided, which will run at your own risk.


Floor Stripping & Waxing (Only Available With Vinyl Floor)

Letting TAKE TIME strip and apply new wax for your floors will let you preserve, protect, and boost the longevity of your vinyl floorings. It will likewise give your vinyl floorings a clean and glossy appearance.


Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing (Only Available With Glazed Tile)

Tile is a lovely addition to any house, but keeping them clean can be challenging. Spot cleaning and routine mopping does not reach the hidden filth that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. Rely on TAKE TIME to take out the soil from deep within the grout of your tile.


Garage Floor Cleaning (Clean Dirt And Oil Stains)

Concrete is durable, but might become embedded with filth and grime over the years if it hasn’t been cleaned very regularly. Your trusted neighbors at TAKE TIME offer the finest in garage floor cleaning with the aid of a commercial cleaning degreaser and gear that removes grease and oil.


* We back all of our professional flooring services with our 90-day guarantee

* We have general liability insurance

* Each job needs an onsite estimate before we begin (Phone pricing quotes or per-square-feet estimates are not available)

* Estimates are absolutely free of charge and are no-obligation