Move Out Cleaning

TAKE TIME’s Checklist



* Clean stove and all appliances

* Clean oven inside and out

* Clean top of range and hood

* Clean fridge and freezer, inside and out

* Clean microwave inside and out

* Clean exterior of dishwasher

* Scrub and shine up the sink and faucet

* Wipe out all cabinets and drawers inside and out

* Clean all interior windows and sills

* Wipe down electrical plates

* Dust doors and frames

* Vacuum and mop floor

* Dust all baseboards

* Empty trash



* Scrub the bathtub or shower

* Scrub and shine up the sink and faucet

* Clean toilet inside and out

* Dust the vent

* Clean mirror with Windex

* Clean medicine chest and shelves and closet and/or cupboards

* Vacuum and mop floor

* Dust all baseboards

* Empty trash


Living areas, Bedrooms, Dining rooms:

* Dust the ceiling fan

* Dust all blinds

* Wipe down closet shelf

* Clean mirror with Windex

* Vacuum sliding door tracks

* Clean all interior windows and sills

* Wipe out all table and drawer inside and out

* Dust doors and frames

* Vacuum carpet and any cobwebs

* Vacuum and mop floor

* Dust all baseboards


Laundry room:

* Clean exterior of washer and dryer

* Wipe down closet shelf

* Vacuum and mop floor


What’s NOT included

* Sweep out any patio, balcony, storage areas, garages, or basements (extra $5)

* Clean under and behind the fridge or stove (extra $5)

* Damp wipe window blinds (extra $1 per blind)

* Wash window screens (extra $1 per screen)
* Remove rust, burnt, stains, mold or mildew (extra $1 per stain)
* Spot clean walls with magic eraser (extra $1 per spot)

* Bird droppings removal (Service not available)
* Exterior windows (Service not available)


Additional Services:

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Shower Door Restoration ($100 each)