Elizabeth B.

Henry and his associate came to my place after my landlord had re-wired the entire home and had plumbing work done.  It was beyond a mess!

They both did a great job and were willing to do whatever was needed, as I was also working with them.  Henry did an exceptional job on the shower.



I’m very happy that I took a chance and called this company to try their cleaning services.  There were no reviews, but I was impressed with their website and professionalism on the phone.  I speak directly to the owner, Henry for all my bookings and cleaning concerns.  Not only do they arrive on time, they will text or call you 15 minutes before to let you know that they are on their way.

If you communicate clearly on your cleaning expectations, they will do it and they do a great job.  If you have any concerns, voice it up with them and they will correct it right away.  I’ve used them about 3 times already and will continue to use them on a bi-weekly basis.  I feel very comfortable having them clean my house, they are trustworthy and most importantly, they get the job done well and will always address my concerns as I’m very picky and anal with how I want things done.

I highly recommend this cleaning company!


Wingyin L.

Henry and a lady came to clean my father’s apartment this past January.  They were very flexible to accommodate our need.  Arrived on time with all cleaning equipments.  After their cleaning, my father’s place was transformed.  I was very happy with their work and grateful for their help.  I even took some before and after pictures of the bathroom and can really tell the big difference.  They are both very honest people because once they found a Chinese lucky envelop with money in it, they returned it to me right away.  Beside speaking fluent English, they can also speak Mandarin and Cantonese, which is a plus, because my father can communicate with them in Chinese.  I would highly recommend them, and consider having them again in the future!


Melanie S.

Wow! This company is truly amazing and CHEAP. After looking into other companies that charge twice as much, I decided to take a chance. It definitely paid off. I was impressed by how thorough they were, and how they listed to my wants and fulfilled all of them. They organized everything in my apartment, which companies like “Maid of Oahu” charge an extra fee for. $156 for a move out clean is VERY reasonable, especially on short notice. My apartment was DISGUSTING, and when I came back it was basically brand new. Thank you Henry!!



Team of 3 came out and did a very thorough job. They went above and beyond expectations. They were very respectful and professional during their time. They arrived within the scheduled arrival time and stayed later than the agreed time frame at no additional cost. We would hire them again!!!


E Goodwin

Able to come and do a major move out clean at the last minute.  They were very nice and impeccable cleaning.  2 person detail on 2 bed 2-1/2 bath = it took them almost seven hours but I’ve never seen a place so clean. Ver very nice workers!! Would recommend.