Recurring Service

Home Cleaning Services on Oahu, Hawaii

We are a Cleaning Service, based out of Oahu, Hawaii. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services, for move out cleaning, general housekeeping, green cleaning and office cleaning.


Basic Cleaning:

Getting a standard cleaning service on a regular schedule means you can enjoy a clean home at a great price. Our basic cleaning service is built around you and your needs. We can clean your home exactly the way you like it and best of all it allows you to get some of your time freed up for other things in your life. Our basic cleaning service can be done after an annual clean or one of our deep cleaning services that TAKE TIME offers.


Deep Cleaning:

In order to get your home in tip top shape you usually need the deep cleaning service initially then continue with the standard service. Getting a deep cleaning means extras that are not included in the basic cleaning service such as cleaning the interior and behind the refrgerator. Other extras are included and it’s a must to get your home in a clean state for others to see and you to enjoy.


Vacation Home Cleaning:

If you have a vacation home then most likely you’ll need our scheduled cleaning for vacation homes. If you have a vacation home in Hawaii then allow us to clean and care for your home while your away. It will be clean and inviting during your next visit and you can enjoy being on vacation rather than cleaning yourself.


Home Organization:

Enjoying where you live is a must and if you don’t like the way things are arranged in your home then by all means let us help you get organized. TAKE TIME can help you organize any room in your home and provide expert real-world experience that informs you about usefulness as well as design. Let TAKE TIME help you get organized today.


Additional Services:

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Green Cleaning