How it works

How much does it cost for home cleaning?
The price varies by how many rooms you have the overall condition of your home. For an accurate quote please use the contact form and we will give you an estimate that does not require any commitment from you.


Will I need to reserve parking for cleaning crews?
Yes, parking must be secured by the customer. Please allow space for cleaning crews to park their vehicles.


What is the number of people who will clean my home?
A crew of at least 2 persons will clean your home.


How quickly can you get my home completely clean?
Since each home is different there are many different things that may or may not need to be done. It also varies based on the condition of the home. For instance, more cleaning will require more time. Since it may take longer on one home than another we work until the job is complete and not on a pre-determined amount of time. If you have questions or want an accurate quote and free estimate be sure to contact us and describe the situation to us so we can better serve you and your needs for cleaning.


When do I need to pay for services?
You must provide payment cash or credit card when services are rendered.


Are there any preparations I need to do?
There are a few preparations you will need to do. Firstly the home needs to be vacant. If you wish for us to clean the interior of your refrigerator you will need to remove the contents before we can clean it. It is also your responsibility to move anything as we do not move furniture or appliances to clean underneath.


What happens if I’m not satisfied?
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service that TAKE TIME offers then be sure to call our office as we can clean the area again for you to meet your satisfaction.


Do I need to be at home?
No, you do not need to be at home you will need to issue TAKE TIME a key to enter premises however.


What kind of equipment does TAKE TIME use to clean my carpet?
We use the Mytee brand portable carpet extractor with commercial strength cleaning agents to make your carpet as clean as possible. An Earth friendly solution is also available if requested.


How long will it take my carpet to dry?
Drying time may varies, based on the type of your carpet, and whether your area has good air flow. Usually this will take between 5 and 8 hours to completely dry.


How can I make my carpet dry faster?
Leave the AC or fans on for 2 hours to help the carpet dry faster, or you can just leave all of the windows open.


Can I walk on the carpet after TAKE TIME cleans?
Yes. The carpet will be slightly damp, but you still can walk on it with clean, bare feet.


Is TAKE TIME floor services able to remove scratches?
No, we don’t do any repair or re-color your floors, but the cleaning does make light scratches less obvious.


Is there a risk that my hardwood floors will buckle after a TAKE TIME clean?
We will only apply small amount of cleaning solution on your hardwood floors, and so they should be dry in a minute or less. The solution is specifically design for cleaning hardwood floor and will not damage the finish of your floor.


Does TAKE TIME wax or polish my hardwood floors after cleaning them?
We will only wax or polish floors with the homeowner’s consent, the manufacturer’s instructions and the recommended products provided.


How many wax coats does TAKE TIME apply on my floor, and how long does it take? (Strip & Wax Service)
We will apply 2 wax coats, and every coat has to undergo a waiting period of about 45 minutes to dry, so be prepared; you might not be able to go through your bathroom or kitchen during that time.


Does TAKE TIME seal the grout of my floors?
Sealing grout is not included in a regular tile cleaning, but we do provide that service at an additional charge.